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Global trends, market research and academic studies are demonstrating a significant disruption in today’s business and consumer environment.  Demand for real-time services, sustainable business practices and diverse executive leadership is now the norm.  In response, organizations need strategies to remain relevant and profitable in this changing world.  

Atwater Strategies solutions bring material change at the top and culturally-relevant marketing and messaging to the public.  

With a unique expertise in inclusive public relations, marketing, and business development strategies, Atwater Strategies helps organizations better understand and compete in today’s marketplace. We specialize in serving macro-impact industries being served within the real estate and financial services sector.

Public Relations

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By the Numbers


Oversaw communication teams for a first-ever financial index for inclusion in Wall Street history


Strategic advisory for securing of historic venue naming rights valued at over $250 million


Retained over 1 billion news media impressions for real estate group client in Q4 2016


Facilitated development of and client recognition for founding of new business division within Fortune 100 financial services company